Agile for U – Why do you need a Scrum Master? – YT

Thanks to Jacek Pawlas and Agile4U community, together with Zajonchek, we delivered short talk titled: Why do you need a Scrum Master? It was a story of a quite typical project in a quite typical organization. A story of a Product Owner and Team who did their best and at the end succeeded. Still, nothing unsurprising. But we wanted to share a bit different perspective – how many problems the team could have avoided if correct questions were asked at the proper time. The questions like – who are our customers? How do we know we are satisfying their needs? What might happen if we continue to work on more than one initiative at the same time? Those questions should be asked regularly by everyone in every project. But when no one does – the Scrum caretaker must.

Here you can find the recording from the event [PL]